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Loading can be a common problem, and it's an area where Connie excels.

This video shows a horse that previously refused to go into the lorry, but who now goes straight in without any bother.

“Connie came to help me with a new horse in the yard that would not load. He was very strong and willing to use both his strength and hind legs to ensure that he didn’t load. She spent an hour or so with him in the stable so he was used to her and understood what she wanted him to do. Then she took him into the school where we had put the horsebox. She spent another hour with him very gently getting closer to the ramp and then he just walked in. He never had any problem loading after that. I have seen many different ways of people coping with horses, but this was the most impressive horsemanship I have seen. It was extraordinary to watch.”

> Watch video clip here.

Loading horse into horse box

Sarah Bullen, young rider and senior team selector for the GB team, trained up to Olympic standard, an FEI and BE steward.

This is a 4 year old stallion being trained to load using mainly positive reinforcement. There are horses in the field behind him and yet he still thinks going in the lorry is a better idea than going to them.

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