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Horse training

Stallion with mares in the field

Young horse starting and horse training
As a professional starter of horses, Connie takes the horse far enough that the owner feels happy, safe and secure whether they are an amateur or a professional rider with a busy schedule. The horse will have a thorough foundation and be ready for whatever job he is to do.

Large barn with pens and stables, outdoor school, round pen, 20 acres of turnout and 1,000 acres of riding.

About Connie Colfox
Connie has evented up to Advanced level; worked for race horse trainer Robert Alner; worked and trained with various well known natural horsemanship gurus here and in the US and has never been afraid to seek out more knowledge from other trainers.

Horse training

First ride - training on a country lane

Lost phone

Waiting in field whilst finding a dropped phone


Home bred and trained 5 year old

Horse training

A so-called unrideable, retrained horse

Riding a stallion leading a mare

Riding a stallion leading a mare

Ponies trained

Ponies trained for children to ride

Horse training

Youngster riding through the fields for the first time

Grey jumping

Pony started for children

Driving training

Driving - early morning training

This is a clip of my stallion Josh giving an example of the strength of training using positive reinforcement.
With all my horses I train a relaxed stand to start with. From there I then bring in training whether it’s to continue standing or starting to learning about movement.
In this instance I am asking Josh to remain standing while I bring in othe distractions. If I keep his anxiety threshold low and reward, I will be making him feel good about the exercise.

The first time on his back

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